Cashable Casino Bonuses for UK Players

Casinos offer a range of exclusive bonuses, and, importantly, sign up money.  Getting the BONUSES offered by casinos is extremely important. The casinos do have an edge.  The idea is to significantly reduce the effect of the house advantage  by maximising the bonuses that you sign up for.

Comparing these amazing offers can be overwhelming. However, it is great position to be in. You have all these casinos bidding for your custom.  Some casinos give you free plays first. This is important to your bottom line.

Once you have identified the best offers, you are now ready to play, enjoy the thrills and hopefully win money!


Calculating the Value of a Casino Bonus

The Casino Octopus Playthrough Calculator estimates the value of your casino bonus.  The calculation is based on the value of the bonus, the amount of money that you have to rollover, the number of times that you have to rollover you bonus, deposit or bonus + deposit and the average return to player percentage (RTP%) of the games that you intend to play.  Please read below for instructions on how to use the calculator.

Instructions on How to Use the Casino Octopus Playthrough Calculator

  1. Bonus Amount – Put in the value of your casino bonus.  Do not include a currency symbol.
  2. Rollover Amount – This is the amount that you have to rollover.  The casino may express this amount as a number x the bonus, the deposit or the bonus + deposit.
  3. Times to Rollover above amount – This is the number of times that you have to wager the rollover amount.  The casino may state this number as 30x B or 40 x D.
  4. Average RTP% – You need an idea of the average RTP% of the games that you intend to play.  You will probably play a variety of games, each with a different RTP%.  This is why the calculation is an estimate.
  5. Average win/loss after Playthrough – The calculator will give you an amount that you will win or lose on average.  This amount includes the bonus amount.  So, if the amount is £25 and your bonus is £100, this means that you will have lost £75 of your bonus money but all of your deposit will be intact.  If the amount is -£25, you will have lost all of your bonus and £25 of your own money on average.


How we Find the Top UK Cashable Bonuses

All casino review sites look at the security of online casinos, the games available and the quality of the support.  At Casino Octopus, we do all of that of course.  However, we believe that we do a lot more, compared to other casino review sites, when analysing the Welcome Bonuses on offer.

Paying close attention to the value of a welcome bonus is essential for your bottom line. In addition, it is important to examine which internet casinos offer more bonuses after you have cleared your First Deposit Welcome Bonus. Once you have cleared your welcome bonus, many casinos will offer you another bonus. At some online casinos, you will have to wait a while before they make you another bonus offer. At others, you might get an immediate offer.


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